Recap: MODSUN Show in Pittsburgh

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to play the Modsun, Cisco Adler, Pat Brown, Choo Jackson show while their “Road Trippin” tour was in Pittsburgh.

I dropped sets for opening acts GP, Pittsburgh Slim, and Worth Whyle. It was a blast being on stage with all those guys, tons of talent!

It was amazing hanging with ModSun and friends before the show. I used to listen to him back in the day when he was playing drums in bands Four Letter Lie and Scary Kids Scaring Kids. His stage presence is unlike any other performer I have ever seen. I also love the fact that he “has no fans, just friends”. He defines everything that music is missing now-a-days. With rappers constantly releasing songs about money and drugs, it’s refreshing to see someone represent positivity and the love of music.

This was probably one of the better shows I have been a part of in my career. From an energetic and extremely interactive crowd to hanging with some of the coolest people in the industry, this night was definitely one to remember. Hopefully I will get to do work again with ModSun and friends on the future!

Shouts to ModSun, Slim, Chukky, Pete Butta, GP, Pat Brown, Cisco Adler, Worth Whyle, Choo Jackson, Jimmy Murton, TreeJay, Fran, Vinny Radio, VeeAye, Palermo Stone, JMYJAM, DailyLoud, and everyone else that was in the building that helped make this night a blast!




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